Rocky in Finland, I think not!

Villa Mecklin was designed by Huttunen–Lipasti–Pakkanen Architects and is located in the hear of Naantali, Finland.

The irony of ‘this rocky construction site’ is that you end up with a design not rocky at all, structurally and statistically at least, than if you’d specced it yourself.

To wit: simply sticking to visual - wooden platform, clean lines, , - there are some 31 billion possible combinations (we’ve done the maths) should you choose to make a house that can give you views to the last detail. Many do, some with disastrous consequences. For better or worse, you can be fairly sure that your canon ES Mark III with cream-on-tan seats is unique.

The building materials selected for Villa Mecklin are usual, basic ones suited for the archipelago. All wood surfaces have been left untreated and will turn grey naturally.

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